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Yes Body on the go

Can’t seem to make it in to us? We can come to you!

We at Yes Body Contour & Spa understand that sometimes the busyness of life can slow you down from achieving that body you’ve been working towards.


We have created a mobile service with you in mind. You can now get all the services we offer at our local spa location in the convenience of your very own home or space!

Initial convenience fee: $100

Convenience fee after 1st visit: $50


Travel within 50 mile radius 

Over 50 miles? Please call 850-712-9129



our services

  • Non-Invasive Lipo/Cavitation - This procedure is suitable for those who want to get rid of stubborn fat accumulate in areas such as the stomach, back, arms, thighs, and chin.

    • Price: $115

  • Cellulite Reduction - This procedure helps smooth out areas in the thighs, buttocks, and back of legs. We use tools such as  the Vacuum Suction, Wood Therapy, or the  Cellulite Blaster to eliminate cellulite pockets in the skin. All noninvasive, this will leave the skin more even and smoother appearance. 

  • Price: $115

  • Detox Sauna - Designed to promote better blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and strengthen muscles. The heat from the sauna helps the body get rid of toxins and metabolic waste through sweating.

    • Price: $50

  • Skin Tightening - This procedure is a Radio Frequency technique that uses energy to heat the tissue and stimulate sub dermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. This technique induces tissue remodeling and production of new collagen and elastin. ** Results Vary**

    • Price: $115

  • Laser Lipo - This is a minimally invasive procedure that uses heat from fiber-optic lasers at various wavelegnths to melt body fat and tighten the skin. *RESULTS VARY*

    • Price: $85

  • Flat to Stack Butt Lift - This procedure is designed to quickly improve the butt size and shape without the need for silicone injections or surgery.

    • Price: $115

  • Manual Lymphatic Draining - Lymphatic draining can be used to treat any swelling or hardened areas that you may be experiencing after a invasive liposuction procedure. This technique is designed to move the lymphatic fluids from the surgical area so that it can drain properly instead of obscuring your positive results!

    • Price: $115

  • Wood Therapy - This service is the perfect add on to any service we provide. Wood therapy instruments increase the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite. This therapy accentuates body contouring. Also, it helps promote weight management because the metabolism speeds up. Another benefit of wood therapy is that it helps get rid of toxins that are built up in the body. This treatment can be done on the stomach, arms, back, legs, and buttocks.

    • Price: $75

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